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V14 data conversion issues6/13/14 2:20PM 5 messages
[ANN] 4D Summit Session Preview6/13/14 12:18AM 1 message
[Off] JavaScript footer for my 4D app webpage?6/12/14 9:23AM 5 messages
Troubleshooting Connection is broken: A serious error6/12/14 8:39AM 1 message
On Unload and current record - bug/feature/one of those6/11/14 11:45AM 1 message
[ANN] 4D Training, July 15 - 18, 20146/10/14 11:25PM 1 message
Inscription sur le GrAM6/10/14 2:00PM 1 message
Date Picker Alternative needed6/10/14 11:27AM 1 message
RELATE ONE SELECTION =A0strangeness6/10/14 11:16AM 1 message
Remove directory=206/10/14 7:42AM 1 message
In V14 how does one build a OSX Client to a Windows server6/9/14 10:45PM 1 message
4D 2004 under Windows Server 20126/9/14 10:20PM 1 message
In V14 how does one build a OSX Client to a Windows6/9/14 7:08PM 1 message
RELATE ONE SELECTION =C2=A0strangeness6/9/14 3:05PM 1 message
OPEN WEB URL doesn't (sometimes!)6/9/14 2:53PM 10 messages
Import Tab Delimited Text in v14.1 - Smash, Crash, Boom!6/9/14 1:59PM 1 message
Launching Windows internal commands from LEP6/8/14 10:13PM 4 messages
Import Tab Delimited Text in v14.1 - Smash, Crash, Boom!6/8/14 4:35PM 1 message
4D's 30th anniversary - Dig up your memories!6/6/14 9:09PM 1 message
ALP Password Font - FOUND!6/6/14 5:57PM 1 message
Grabbing web page6/6/14 1:27PM 1 message
'REDRAW' of a LB cell6/6/14 12:42PM 1 message
4D's 30th anniversary ? Dig up your memories!6/6/14 11:19AM 1 message
Typing ui objects?6/6/14 8:43AM 8 messages
Tab control: implementing selective access6/6/14 7:11AM 9 messages
4D v14 - FILTER & FORMATS is not working properly.6/5/14 11:34PM 1 message
Generic coding SQL6/5/14 7:10PM 3 messages
v13.5 compiled standalone application and XP PosReady6/5/14 6:11PM 3 messages
Export Many Methods? =A06/4/14 9:35PM 1 message
Client Can't Connect - Server won't Quit6/4/14 7:40PM 4 messages
Comparing two Array / Selection Commands6/4/14 4:50PM 2 messages
Disable HTTP TRACE and/or TRACK6/4/14 4:28PM 1 message
Client Can't Connect - Server won't Quit - idiot hiding6/4/14 2:03PM 2 messages
Max6/4/14 11:51AM 1 message
Can you disable indexes temporarily in 4D v13.5?=206/4/14 9:20AM 1 message
Check for low power (Was: Re: 4D Server as a Service on OSX)6/4/14 8:51AM 1 message
Can you disable indexes temporarily in 4D v13.5?6/4/14 12:34AM 4 messages
Method Window Slowness with 13.4/Win 7/Parallels6/3/14 4:33PM 4 messages
easy 4d view question6/3/14 1:36PM 1 message
WebArea access6/2/14 8:44PM 1 message
How to programmatically create a selection6/2/14 4:58PM 2 messages
4D Server as a Service on OSX6/2/14 3:21PM 2 messages
smaller speedy PC6/2/14 11:14AM 1 message
Export Many Methods?6/2/14 10:21AM 3 messages
Data Conversion Machine - Want small box, big power.6/1/14 5:19PM 1 message
SOAP server6/1/14 2:26PM 3 messages
Method Editor Irritants6/1/14 12:56AM 1 message
Menus or No Menus?5/30/14 10:22AM 1 message
Monitor UDP broadcasts from 4D Server5/30/14 3:08AM 2 messages
Yikes! =C2=A0Severe Damage to DB - Menus Gone in Editor5/29/14 9:52PM 1 message
[ANN] Style List Box Cells for Clarity5/29/14 8:45PM 1 message
LISTBOX SET COLUMN WIDTH5/29/14 6:23PM 1 message
[OFF] Close.io5/29/14 5:41PM 1 message
Yikes! Severe Damage to DB - Menus Gone in Editor5/29/14 2:23PM 1 message
Win32API sys_IsAppLoaded5/29/14 2:05PM 2 messages
Yikes! =A0Severe Damage to DB - Menus Gone in Editor5/29/14 1:09PM 6 messages
RTF FILE5/29/14 12:21PM 1 message
intermittent stalling in web application5/29/14 8:33AM 8 messages
4D - SQL sysdate?5/29/14 12:27AM 4 messages
Create index is not working for me in v13.55/29/14 12:20AM 5 messages
US Website 503 error5/28/14 9:58PM 1 message
unable to search in gmane5/28/14 11:59AM 3 messages
LIST BOX ORDER5/27/14 4:33PM 2 messages
Modifying the structure with code.5/23/14 12:41PM 8 messages
missing transparency5/23/14 11:00AM 1 message
QR Title5/23/14 6:00AM 2 messages
V14 option key behaviour5/23/14 12:03AM 1 message
Wrong Date Format on Web Server5/21/14 8:09AM 1 message
Best way to answer the questions: Are these fields related?5/20/14 9:51AM 1 message
Best way to answer the questions: Are these fields5/20/14 8:29AM 2 messages
Fun with (language) objects5/20/14 1:50AM 1 message
Macros for Generating Compiler Declaration in Methods5/19/14 7:33PM 8 messages
Converting between Blob and Picture in v145/19/14 6:19PM 3 messages
v13.5 unexpected results5/19/14 3:01PM 2 messages
[MEETING] Montreal 4D Club Meeting5/19/14 11:35AM 1 message
Viewing logs5/18/14 11:23AM 1 message
4D Web Services & WebSphere5/18/14 5:23AM 1 message
web service: what is send?5/17/14 6:26PM 3 messages
QUERY BY FORMULAs for high-speed joins: Remedial help?5/17/14 10:02AM 4 messages
Want to visit Rackspace when we are in San Antonio?5/16/14 5:19PM 1 message
Scale GUI objects in 4D?5/16/14 2:02PM 6 messages
How to set color of a single listbox row5/16/14 1:15PM 4 messages
v14 explorer right hand pane missing5/16/14 12:44PM 1 message
Code 128 Logic Using Unicode5/16/14 11:54AM 4 messages
Convert numbers (Longint, Real) to time5/15/14 6:25PM 5 messages
Assigning same Key as deleted record within a transaction5/15/14 4:36PM 6 messages
4D Doc Center again?5/15/14 2:39PM 8 messages
4D write contextual click on hyperlink5/15/14 12:54PM 1 message
Preset Network Settings5/15/14 11:03AM 3 messages
[OFF] Copying the data file while in use5/14/14 5:59PM 3 messages
Printing pdf with LEP5/14/14 5:53PM 2 messages
v14 - two instances on one server5/14/14 4:57PM 1 message
Component Method5/14/14 4:53PM 1 message
Creating Relations: Structure Editor vs SQL Code (ADD5/14/14 3:16PM 1 message
Copying the data file while in use5/14/14 2:37PM 8 messages
[OFF] Re: Copying the data file while in use5/14/14 2:14PM 1 message
Split vertical scrollbar in Text Area? [Solved]5/14/14 12:55PM 1 message
Creating Relations: Structure Editor vs SQL Code (ADD5/14/14 12:24PM 9 messages
Split vertical scrollbar in Text Area?5/14/14 10:50AM 1 message
Changing between multiple printers in 4D5/14/14 10:04AM 1 message
Moving Developer user accounts to Administrator.5/14/14 10:03AM 2 messages
4D for Fun & Profit: A Handbook for Professional 4D5/14/14 12:58AM 1 message
3D Checkboxes - how to ged rid of the hover state5/12/14 5:54PM 1 message
13.5 Print Preview turned on5/12/14 4:26PM 1 message
Establishing Relations - hand crank vs SQL Constraint5/9/14 4:58PM 1 message
Object Move5/9/14 3:14PM 1 message
Delete empty folders recursively routine?5/9/14 11:24AM 2 messages
Printing a web area in v145/8/14 6:44PM 1 message
Date arithmetic oddity5/8/14 3:19PM 2 messages
Subrecords disappear in On Display Detail event?5/8/14 12:31PM 2 messages
Drop Picture onto 4DWrite Area5/8/14 11:56AM 1 message
Link file options5/7/14 8:46PM 1 message
4D Creation of Excel Spreadsheet5/7/14 4:47PM 3 messages
Miyako XLS Plugin=205/7/14 4:47PM 1 message
Implementing a custom drag5/7/14 10:32AM 1 message
You cannot open this database...5/7/14 5:47AM 4 messages
Set Print Option - double-sided on Mac5/6/14 5:04PM 1 message
4D can't graciously handle disconnection5/6/14 5:00PM 2 messages
Slow performance5/6/14 11:22AM 1 message
ENCRYPT/DECRYPT BLOB Fails Server Side5/6/14 9:03AM 3 messages
Comments When Mouse-Over A Method (V13)5/6/14 8:58AM 4 messages
Process sets/named selections and the 'twinned' server5/6/14 7:11AM 1 message
4D v13.5 Win - Search References doesn't find all references5/6/14 12:28AM 1 message
Efficiency retrieving arrays from the server5/6/14 12:19AM 3 messages
BuildApp.xml5/5/14 10:00PM 6 messages
Synchronizing Files Message Every Launch5/5/14 11:14AM 1 message
Win 4D 12.x and Win 8.15/5/14 5:39AM 2 messages
File Name With WEB SEND BLOB?5/3/14 1:36AM 3 messages
BitDefender and v135/2/14 9:16PM 1 message
Limitations on sending emails from 4D5/2/14 3:17PM 1 message
Uninstall old 4D reduces free space. Why?5/2/14 2:50PM 4 messages
Copying message to IMAP sent items folder after sending5/2/14 12:47PM 1 message
WebArea and JSON5/2/14 12:30PM 1 message
Big, big changes in 4D release program5/2/14 2:25AM 7 messages
4D Dragon5/1/14 8:23PM 1 message
What index ?5/1/14 5:59PM 2 messages
SearchPicker question5/1/14 11:19AM 1 message
Experiences with 14.1 - ready for deployment?5/1/14 4:58AM 2 messages
Updating Resources or Not4/30/14 10:23PM 2 messages
Are Highlight buttons unsupported?=204/30/14 9:15AM 1 message
Error: SMTP 4214/30/14 12:34AM 3 messages
Right-click fails on Win84/30/14 12:23AM 3 messages
Print images4/29/14 4:08PM 1 message
Are Highlight buttons unsupported?4/29/14 3:26PM 1 message
UNC Path names on MAC4/29/14 2:53PM 7 messages
Win32 API and v144/29/14 2:32PM 1 message
Listbox of record selection: set font color of individual4/29/14 1:49PM 4 messages
How to convert 'any document' to PDF on Mac4/29/14 1:03PM 2 messages
Wrong record opens when double-clicking in Listbox4/29/14 7:59AM 2 messages
Listbox highlight rows confusion4/28/14 4:48PM 2 messages
Detecting mobile web client devices on server side4/28/14 10:08AM 1 message
The Next Module: 4DUPDATEBUILDER PRO4/28/14 3:44AM 1 message
4DAPPBUILDER PRO Beta =A0Released4/27/14 11:48AM 3 messages
4DLink dtd (What is the open_in_custom_mode attribute?)4/27/14 11:06AM 2 messages
pdf creation woes in windows4/27/14 10:13AM 1 message
4DAPPBUILDER PRO Beta =C2=A0Released4/26/14 11:22AM 1 message
Memory Settings Running on a MacMini4/25/14 7:48PM 8 messages
[ANN] 4D Summit 2014 Post-Class4/25/14 7:19PM 1 message
[ANN] Getting Started with 4D Mobile (Part 2)4/25/14 6:56PM 1 message
Set Automatic Many to One Relations via SQL or ???4/25/14 4:53PM 1 message
4D =3D> XLSX4/25/14 1:18PM 2 messages
How to find where an object is on a form, from an object4/25/14 11:28AM 1 message
PA_ExecuteMethod4/24/14 10:25PM 1 message
pdf creation woes on windows=204/24/14 3:26PM 3 messages
pdf creation woes on windows4/24/14 9:05AM 4 messages
4D Server as a backend4/23/14 8:24PM 5 messages
Memory Settings Running on a MacMimi4/23/14 5:23PM 4 messages
Procedurally inserting text into a muli-style variable4/23/14 5:21PM 2 messages
Fill a popup-drop-down with a sorted list of all tables4/23/14 4:09PM 2 messages
Connecting to 4D via REST4/23/14 2:24PM 3 messages
PHP and json_encode4/23/14 11:05AM 4 messages
Plugins No Longer Recognized - Solved4/23/14 10:27AM 1 message
REDUCE SELECTION ERROR4/23/14 10:03AM 1 message
PDF Creator install for 4D Client4/23/14 8:55AM 3 messages
Plugins No Longer Recognized4/22/14 7:13PM 2 messages
.DSstore files4/22/14 10:20AM 2 messages
Changing Picture Button's Name/ID and Animation Settings4/21/14 7:06AM 3 messages
Date Format in OS X Mavericks4/19/14 12:21AM 1 message
On Drag Over event on list box4/18/14 10:08PM 1 message
Remedial question: Custom icons for a stand-alone app on OS X4/17/14 12:52PM 1 message
4Dv14 + $4d object in Web Area4/17/14 11:40AM 3 messages
Calculating overall data file fragmentation...4/17/14 11:07AM 4 messages
Remedial question: Custom icons for a stand-alone app on4/17/14 9:12AM 3 messages
Strange behaviour when moving Listbox column4/16/14 7:01PM 2 messages
v12 MacOS Mavericks4/16/14 4:18PM 1 message
Quitting a Single User Application via Menu vs Screen4/16/14 9:15AM 1 message
Quitting a Single User Application via Menu vs Screen Quit4/15/14 11:48PM 2 messages
Detecting Low Memory With Client4/15/14 1:46PM 3 messages
Dictation into 4D textarea and 4D Write4/14/14 10:35AM 2 messages
Can't save a new record4/12/14 9:40PM 2 messages
4D color to RGB4/10/14 8:51PM 1 message
[TIP] Can't put SQL in trigger when change is made with SQL4/10/14 5:26PM 2 messages
emailing from 4D Server?4/10/14 12:02PM 4 messages
How to extend the evaluation period for v144/10/14 9:14AM 2 messages
4D v14 Typing Listbox Headers4/10/14 9:07AM 1 message
v14 selection bug?4/9/14 11:46PM 5 messages
Catching errors in components4/9/14 11:37PM 1 message
svg edit and web area4/9/14 11:29PM 1 message
Security Info - OpenSSL Heartbleed - 4D v13/v14 NOT4/9/14 4:44PM 3 messages
popup dropdown lists in v144/9/14 3:43PM 2 messages
FORM SCREENSHOT parameters4/9/14 1:15PM 4 messages
4D SQL over SSL: Need separate port numbers.4/9/14 1:09PM 1 message
Security Info - OpenSSL Heartbleed - 4D v13/v14 NOT vulnerable4/9/14 10:37AM 1 message
Automatic Client Update Works Well (Almost)4/9/14 10:13AM 2 messages
Client stuck in blue circle loop4/9/14 12:41AM 1 message
4d's xml logs4/8/14 8:28AM 2 messages
DELAY PROCESS(ProcNum;1) seems to delay 2 to 4 ticks4/7/14 6:37PM 6 messages
How do you run 4D Server as a Windows Service under4/7/14 5:23PM 2 messages
Object Tools To JSON4/7/14 4:30PM 2 messages
Detect Slave Client Disconnect (Benedict, Tom)4/7/14 2:59PM 2 messages
Mandatory User4/7/14 11:49AM 1 message
DELAY PROCESS(ProcNum;1) seems to delay 2 to 4 ticks [JPR]?4/7/14 11:07AM 1 message
Tasks pending4/7/14 7:26AM 1 message
[ANN]: v1.4 of 4D v13 Code Analysis component Improves4/6/14 10:46AM 1 message
trying set set key as unique using sql4/4/14 11:13PM 2 messages
Relations on composite keys or multiple fields4/4/14 9:40AM 1 message
Object visibility and need for redraw4/4/14 9:28AM 1 message
[ANN] You Are Invited to 4D Summit 20144/3/14 10:48PM 1 message
Detect Slave Client Disconnect4/3/14 9:09PM 2 messages
[off] IP connections that go nowhere?4/2/14 3:35PM 2 messages
Stack size recommendations - 12.64/2/14 10:21AM 2 messages
Equivalent of DataCheck for v134/1/14 1:52PM 1 message
A few observations on UUIDs, UUID Form and PKs4/1/14 1:41PM 2 messages
Argument order & the @ wildcard4/1/14 12:37PM 1 message
Quick Report Margins4/1/14 9:51AM 1 message
SchedulePack to hmCal3/31/14 3:14PM 1 message
[ANN] FootRunner Gold v14 available3/31/14 2:45PM 1 message
Regex help3/31/14 10:28AM 2 messages
PCIe SSD3/30/14 8:33PM 1 message
Where do you put the .journal file?3/28/14 10:06AM 5 messages
What do you use to time code execution?3/28/14 9:38AM 1 message
mutating UUIDs -> Map NULL values to blank values=203/28/14 1:57AM 1 message
Has anyone written a good 4D Form scraper to xml?3/27/14 2:26PM 1 message
4D Web Server 503 Errors3/27/14 10:00AM 2 messages
4D Server 12.6 and network errors logged on OS X Console3/27/14 9:53AM 1 message
Proper Way To Programmatically Push a Button Displayed On3/27/14 6:32AM 3 messages
How to detect if object is hidden in 4D Draw3/26/14 11:31PM 1 message
[ANN] Webinar: Getting Started with 4D Mobile3/26/14 7:46PM 1 message
Form causing Application to unexpectedally quit3/26/14 5:35PM 2 messages
strange crashing problem3/26/14 12:34PM 1 message
4D v14.1 - SELECT INTO not working with objects?3/26/14 1:28AM 3 messages
Setting focus on SearchPicker3/25/14 11:16PM 2 messages
14.1 Crashing when syntax errors3/25/14 6:36PM 1 message
14.1 or did I ask you to mung up my url?3/25/14 5:49PM 2 messages
[SOLVED] SMTP Woes3/25/14 12:06PM 1 message
SMTP Woes3/25/14 11:27AM 1 message
Display of Boolean Fields3/25/14 2:09AM 3 messages
receiving email example=203/24/14 8:38PM 1 message
receiving email example3/24/14 11:58AM 2 messages
[v14] Journaling and PKs mandatory no mater what?3/23/14 11:25PM 1 message
[v14] PKs in New Tables - Bug or feature??3/23/14 3:17PM 9 messages
[showstopping deadly bug] 14.1 can't save record without3/23/14 7:50AM 4 messages
Amazing Effects possible in v13 (If you're used to MacOS3/23/14 1:46AM 1 message
Amazing Effects possible in v13 (If you're used to MacOS 6)3/23/14 1:31AM 1 message
Moving A Folder3/22/14 12:19PM 5 messages
mutating UUIDs3/21/14 10:31PM 24 messages
Listbox - Row Level Background Picture3/21/14 9:04PM 3 messages
4D v14.1 is Now Available3/21/14 5:59PM 1 message
Font color3/21/14 4:43PM 1 message
v13 editor3/21/14 9:55AM 1 message
Cool Web test tool3/20/14 5:04PM 1 message
Component: Sharing of project methods3/20/14 9:23AM 2 messages
Making string comparisons case sensitive3/19/14 5:13PM 1 message
4D Write to style text converter3/19/14 1:52PM 2 messages
4D Syntax Check Engine?3/19/14 11:07AM 2 messages
NTK-based open source web server3/19/14 7:32AM 8 messages
Longevity3/19/14 6:28AM 3 messages
Footrunner Oddity - Count Parameters3/18/14 10:26PM 1 message
Roadmap?3/18/14 5:21PM 2 messages
Immediate long term 4D assignment in Dover, NH (USA)3/18/14 4:44PM 1 message
Easy adding of an alpha channel to an image on Mac OS X3/17/14 6:36PM 1 message
PDF documentation is available at the 4D Doc Center!3/17/14 6:32PM 1 message
[off] pluggers software3/17/14 4:07PM 1 message
Joining system tables v13.4=203/17/14 2:55PM 1 message
Disabled Highlight Buttons are Black3/17/14 1:28PM 2 messages
[off] =A0pluggers software3/17/14 1:11PM 2 messages

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