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Julio Carneiro (5/20/14 8:29AM)
David Adams (5/20/14 10:03PM)

Julio Carneiro (5/20/14 8:29 AM)

related?"and "How?"

On May 20, 2014, at 6:16 AM, Arnaud de Montard <arnaud@...

(*) to avoid this:
- clic PK
- cmd+click FK
- click "+" button
wow, really? is that documented anywhere? that is a fantastic tip!
Thanks a lot Arnaud.

David Adams (5/20/14 10:03 PM)

related?"and "How?"


Huh, that does sound like a great tip...but I'm not getting it to
work. Is
this V14 only? Requires an extended keyboard?

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