Wrong Date Format on Web Server

agendo (5/21/14 8:09AM)

agendo (5/21/14 8:09 AM)

Hi Koen,

You are right, but ...
Usually a Windows service is running under the System account and if
you have an English system the localization of the system account is
English. AFAIK there isn't any way to change the regional settings of
the system account.
I think, the only workaround is to configure the service to run under
an user account where you can change the regional settings.

The other way is to use consequently ISO-formatted dates as an
exchange format between server (4D) and client (web browser).


color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II'm not sure, but I think your 4D
Server is running in another account when it is
run as service. So it is using different regional settings as the
account you log in
to for running 4D Server as application.
I think you may need to log into the correct account and change the

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