In V14 how does one build a OSX Client to a Windows server

Julio Carneiro (6/9/14 10:45PM)

Julio Carneiro (6/9/14 10:45 PM)

V14.1 on Windows and I'm trying to build a Server app that will have
both Windows and OSX clients.

I needs to be built (merged) on WIndows, which is where server will

But I can't get 4D V14.1 to build my OSX client! I copied the 4D
Volume to the Windows box.
Build says it is building the OSX client, but nothing shows up on the
built directory. Inside the server folder, there is a Update4DClient
subfolder and therein I can see an 'archive.mac', which I suppose it
the OS Client updater.

But where is the actual 'built client'!

Do I still have to run the build on OSX side? Just to get a 'merged'


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