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Bernd Fr?hlich (4/8/14 8:28AM)
Keisuke Miyako (4/9/14 1:50AM)

Bernd Fr?hlich (4/8/14 8:28 AM)

Keisuke Miyako wrote:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>ssounds like a bug.
That has bitten me too.
MSC seems no longer to produce .html logs in V14.1 (It did in V14.0)

Keisuke Miyako (4/9/14 1:50 AM)


I think it&iacute;s both.

in previous versions, 4D would perform an XSLT transformation to
an HTML log file.
now with the latest version, there is no XSLT performed by 4D,
instead, 2
files (xml and xsl) are created.

all major browsers have XSLT support, they can open an XML an render
it as
if the xsl file path is specified in the xml; problem, it seems, is
the line is missing in the xml.

the line I quoted didn&iacute;t exist on my test either.

adding it manually changed the xml to html on the browser,
so I assume that is the intention but not happening for some reason.


On 2014/04/09 1:43, "Lee Hinde" <leehinde@... wrote:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>11) It's not adding the link to the
xsl file.
2) It's not auto-building the html file.

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