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Brian Young (6/13/14 12:18AM)

Brian Young (6/13/14 12:18 AM)

Hello 4D User,

Here are two outstanding presentations that you can look forward to at
the 4D Summit 2014 in Texas, October 27 ?=80ì 30. You won't want to

Labels Revisited ?=A0?=A0?=A0?by Keisuke Miyako

The PRINT LABEL command has been around for decades but is still
widely used. Well, maybe it's about time we try something new. In this
session, you will learn how to unleash tricks and gain new knowledge
to find out if there are better ways to print labels using 4D (both
v13 and v14 will be covered). Even if you do not have any particular
needs to print labels using alternative methods, there will be plenty
of good 4D engineering tips during the talk to take back home.

10 Tips to Improve Your Web Design ?=A0?=A0?=A0?by Add

Since the introduction of the new HTTP Server in 4D v13, 4D Web
programming could not be easier. It provides many options that ease
the process of bringing application data to the Web. In 10 design
tips, you will learn how to architect your Web application the right
way to get the best performance out of 4D.

Don't miss out!

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