Quitting a Single User Application via Menu vs Screen

Koen Van Hooreweghe (4/16/14 9:15AM)

Koen Van Hooreweghe (4/16/14 9:15 AM)



You can set your own method in the Quit menu item.
But keep the automatic 'quit' action, so 4D knows it has to handle ?
this menu item as Quit item.

From the Design Ref:
Note for Mac OS: Under Mac OS, the custom menu commands associated ?
with the Preferences and Quit actions are automatically placed in the ?
application menu, in compliance with the platform interface standards.

See also: http://kb.4d.com/assetid=45272


Op 16-apr-14, om 07:48 heeft David Belote het volgende geschreven:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>WWhen I build a single user
application for Mac, 4D v13.4 inserts a ?
menu next to the Apple Menu for my application <ApplicationName>,, ?
just like
it should. ?At the bottom of that pulldown menu, there is a Quit
<ApplicationName> where you can also use the Apple-key Q shortcut ?
key. ?The
trouble is, that Quit command does nothing rather than quit my ?
I?m thinking that it is because I used the DIALOG command to put up ?
screen. ?I have a Quit button on the screen that invokes QUIT 4D and ?

works fine. ?I want to connect QUIT 4D with that Quit ?
<ApplicationName> menu
pulldown but I can?t seem to do that. ?How is this accomplished?

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