3D Checkboxes - how to ged rid of the hover state

Peter Jakobsson (5/12/14 5:54PM)

Peter Jakobsson (5/12/14 5:54 PM)


The documentation on 3D checkboxes appears to be very sparse - like
about 3 lines telling you to look at the documentation for "3D
Buttons" which doesn't cover the behaviour of 3D checkboxes.

The problem is - when hovering over the checkbox the "mouse-over"
state appears if it's a 4-state graphic.

This makes it ambigious when you click because it just reverts to the
mouse over state. You have to move the mouse away to see what state
it's in which is annoying.

Has anyone got this to work a more sensible way with multi-state
graphics ? I tries a 2-state graphic (and setting the number of states
in the 3D checkbox properties to 2) but all that does is give you half
of each state. It seems to want a 4 state graphic.


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