pdf creation woes in windows

Rebecca Bryant (4/27/14 10:13AM)

Rebecca Bryant (4/27/14 10:13 AM)

Thank you Steve. I will.

Rebecca Bryant

color><param>FFC79,0365,0771/param>DDo you have any experience with
TobitProXL v4 in the scenario that
/color>JJustin mentioned? I.e., a busy website that needs to generate
more than one
pdf at a time?

color><param>8826F,0000,8219/param>II do not, but I would suggest you
contact the Developer (deeg@... and
/color>ssee what he has to say.

color><param>8826F,0000,8219/param>AArmin has always been very
helpful, so I'm sure he will be able to address
/color>tthis question directly.


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