Moving Developer user accounts to Administrator.

Eric Naujock (5/14/14 10:03AM)
Chuck Miller (5/14/14 2:45PM)

Eric Naujock (5/14/14 10:03 AM)

Good morning,
After reading the user account documentation I am of the
understanding that the two types of user accounts are very different.
Development User accounts are stored in the 4dc, or 4db file and are
not editable. Where the Administrator User accounts are stored in the
4dd file. While the number for the user id tells what kind of user
they are it still leads me to this question. Is there an easy or
smooth way to convert a Developer user account to an Administrator
user account? As the Developer account seems to have issues when
running under compiled mode. Specifically the login date, Login count
and the ability to change the passwords do not work. When the database
is compiled. Is there a workaround for this?


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Chuck Miller (5/14/14 2:45 PM)

What version stores User names and passwords in data file. I was under
the impression it was all part of structure.

When I move from development to prod in v13.4 I have code that
automatically save user/groups to a file on server shutdown and then
loads on server startup

On May 14, 2014, at 1:42 PM, Spencer Hinsdale wrote:


Yeah, since the ID includes the owner you want to change, it seems the
only solution is to create a new User and delete the original.

To make changes to Users procedurally, your code may need to CHANGE
CURRENT USER appropriately, that is "be" Administrator to create the
new User, but "be" Designer to DELETE USER.

Curious where you read that Admin's Users are stored in 4DD. ?If you
get a chance to post a link it would be appreciated.


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