How to convert 'any document' to PDF on Mac

Daniel N. Solenthaler (4/29/14 1:03PM)
Daniel N. Solenthaler (4/30/14 3:08PM)

Daniel N. Solenthaler (4/29/14 1:03 PM)

Hi All,

On a Mac, I need to programmatically convert 'any document type' (e.g.
Word, Excel documents) into PDF for archiving purposes.

Has anyone done this? Maybe a call to the OS...?

Could anyone point me into the right direction?


Daniel Solenthaler

Daniel N. Solenthaler (4/30/14 3:08 PM)

Hi Paul, Kirk and Othwin,

Thank you for your inputs.

We will try the textutil command for the most important formats first
and see, how far we come with this approach.

Thanks again!

Daniel Solenthaler

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