4D v14 - FILTER & FORMATS is not working properly.

Guy Algot (6/5/14 11:34PM)

Guy Algot (6/5/14 11:34 PM)

Example -Phone Number

I posted a bug report as well. Filters and formatters were horribly
broken in v13. All my phone and postal code formatters stopped working
and its been a slow road back ever since.

Nice catch on the field length. Not sure I would have thought to do

On Jun 3, 2014, at 10:43 PM, Chris Belanger wrote:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II reported the bug and 4D inc.
acknowledge it?=80¶but I see it is not fixed in v14r2. for some
maybe it was a tougher fix than I thought it would have been?=80¶.

I had to enlarge my phone# fields to be the size of the mask (format)
instead of the size of the data (10 characters).

?=80&icirc; cb

On Feb 7, 2014, at 10:45 AM, Keith Culotta <kec@... wrote:

/color><color><param>8826F,0000,8219/param>WWe see this in one of our
entry windows (Mac 10.8 or .9, 4D v13.x). ¬=A0It usually shows up
tabbing out of the phone field. ¬=A0Once it does appear, using the
standard navigation buttons in the input form causes each visited
record to display the phone incorrectly. ¬=A0Close the window and
it, and the phone appears fine.

Here is a place to report a bug http://forums.4d.fr/Bugs/EN/

¬=A0¬=A0¬=A0¬=A0¬=A0¬=A0¬=A0Computer Dimensions, Inc.

On Feb 6, 2014, at 6:31 PM, Chris Belanger <macprogrammer@...

/color><color><param>FFC79,0365,0771/param>PPerhaps others have
noticed, but the filter / format mechanism is screwing up on phone
numbers and the toolbox for filters is screwed up too.

I have been using (for many years) the simple display format: ¬=A0¬=A0
###-#### ¬=A0to display phone numbers, which I have stored as alpha.

Now, for a phone number ¬=A01234567890 ¬=A0the display is showing
(123) 456-
It displays exactly 10 characters (maybe because the source is
10-characters long?) and then nothing.

The entry filter I've used for phone#'s is ¬=A0&9(###) ###-####. This,
too, is now screwed up. It only lets me input 6 digits.
Worse yet, it doesn't let me tab away after only getting to put in 6
characters. It just keeps beeping.

Also, in the toolbox -> Filters, the example display formats mechanism
is screwed up.
If one chooses the "Telephone Display Format Examples" and
double-clicks one, it actually loads up a time format ¬=A0(!0&9## Hrs
Mins ## Secs)
also, the telephone display format examples are only 9 chars, not 10.
¬=A0(###) ###-###

Has anybody else encountered this? Has it been reported to 4D? How
does one report these bugs?




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