Yikes! =C2=A0Severe Damage to DB - Menus Gone in Editor

Ben Kershaw (5/29/14 9:52PM)

Ben Kershaw (5/29/14 9:52 PM)

On May 29, 2014, at 6:01 PM, Randy Engle <4d.list@... wrote:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>HHi Ben

/color><color><param>8826F,0000,8219/param>WWhat happens if you
restore to a version before you opened the menu
editor (but one that is more recent that 2.5 weeks ago) - does MSC
report it as unrepairable? Maybe opening the menu editor is what
things off and made it unrepairable, and putting it through MSC will

Good idea, but no cigar!

Randy Engle
XC2 Software LLC


If you delete all the menu bars from the most recent version, does MSC
then say the structure is OK? If so, maybe doing that and recreating
them would be the best bet and take the least amount of time. I?=80&ocirc;m
sure if the methods will re-tokenize to the proper menus and items,
but it?=80&ocirc;s worth a shot.

Tim is right - if MSC says it?=80&ocirc;s unrepairable, then you have to
the structure and go back to one that is. Option B is a non-starter.


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