V14 option key behaviour

Arnaud de Montard (5/23/14 12:03AM)

Arnaud de Montard (5/23/14 12:03 AM)

Le 22 mai 2014 ý 17:52, Randy Jaynes a Ècrit :

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II'll get used to it eventually,
but it makes it difficult to work in v12 then switch to v13 or v14 and
then back to v12....muscle memory is so confused.
I've started drinking more frequently to compensate. :-)
Think about using a drip if you do frequent switches mac / win.

Very cheap tip: use background colors. I've set v12 code editor
background color to yellow, v13 to green, etc. but excluded pink.

Arnaud de Montard

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