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Joshua Fletcher (6/2/14 8:44PM)

Joshua Fletcher (6/2/14 8:44 PM)

Here's the command reference for 4D v14 (v12 and v13 are also


Note: you need to make a distinction between getting the source of the
page, or interacting with the rendered page. ?It's fundamentally the
same as the difference between "view source" vs the developer tools
using a browser.

Use WA Get page content to get the source, use the "javascript"
commands to interact with the page.

Similarly zooming is a function of the browser, not the page. ?As Web
Area doesn't expose the zoom feature, you'd have to fake it using

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color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>IIs there any way to access the
contents of a webarea programmatically?
For example can I search the webarea's contents for a keyword, or can I
have the web area zoom in or out?

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