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QuickWire (5/9/14 3:14PM)

QuickWire (5/9/14 3:14 PM)

Hi All,

I am using Object Move to place a drop down list as a user types in
the field above it. ?The technique is from a tech note called
"clairvoyance" or something like that. ?However when the box drops
down, it appears behind everything else. ?There is a web area below
where the name field exists and it persistently stays "above" the drop
down. ?I have set the web area to be as far back as possible and the
drop down listbox to be as front most as possible. ?What I need is a
CSS z-index property to insist that this item stay above everything
else. ?I have moved the drop down to different pages in the form and
nothing works. ?=A0Is there anything I can do other than re-arrange
whole form?


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