Date Format in OS X Mavericks

Ronnie Teo (4/19/14 12:21AM)

Ronnie Teo (4/19/14 12:21 AM)

Hi, I sent a query regarding date formats in Mavericks. ?Did a bit
more research into it and found that Iím actually not alone in this.
?Apparently, itís a Mac issue, specifically Mavericks issue. ?

I quote ì Ö ..Iím having a similar problem since moving up to
Mavericks. In Australia we use the dd/mm/yyyy format, which is set up
correctly under the Language and Region settings, but now a lot of the
programs including Excel and MYOB are defaulting to the US format, ie.
mm/dd/yyyy, which is quite annoying. Those programs seem to get their
format from the OS, so I'm guessing it's not delivering them the same
way any moreÖî

To that list of problematic apps, I now add 4D. ?My question now
should be are there any non-US users who have faced this problem and
discovered a fixÖ. or should we just sit tight and wait for a fix from

Hi, I just upgraded my system to an iMac running OSX MavericksÖ.as a
result, I need to ask a somewhat easy question that had me stumped.

The change seemed to have wrecked havoc on the date formats in my
database applications.
Although in System Preferences, the date format has been set to
DD/MM/YYYY, in 4D it is still stored and displayed as MM/DD/YYYY.

On my prior systems up to OS X Snow Leopard, this same setting has
always worked with no problems. ?
These applications have been in use for some time, with no issues on
Now a query for !12/02/2011! for instance gives me a result for all
records with the date Dec 2nd instead of Feb 12th.

How do I my 4Dv11 database to recognise the correct date format in

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