Set Automatic Many to One Relations via SQL or ???

Randy Engle (4/25/14 4:53PM)

Randy Engle (4/25/14 4:53 PM)


I'm in the beginning of a fairly ambitious project of not only
converting a
v13 db to v14, but as well changing all of my current primary and
keys to alpha from longint. =A0(yes, I have a good reason for doing

With the contributions of so many of you on this list,
I have successfully figured out how to do in SQL:

1.Get the list of existing relations
2.Drop the existing relations
3.Alter the key field types from alpha to longint
4.Create an index on the key fields
5.Set the Primary Key
6.Re-Create the Relations between the keys

The one thing I'm missing is how to programmatically set the Many to
Relations to be automatic.
This would really be great if it was possible
(otherwise I need to manually do it for about 190 relations)
(I'll have enough work going through a few 100,000 lines of code to
fix all
of the references of numbers to my new alpha fields)

Anybody know how to do this, in 4D code or SQL?

Gracious Thanks,

Randy Engle

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