On Unload and current record - bug/feature/one of those

Bill Hutten (6/11/14 11:45AM)

Bill Hutten (6/11/14 11:45 AM)


I can't believe I've never noticed this before. A test database, one

FORM SET INPUT([Test];"Input")
FORM SET OUTPUT([Test];"Output")

If there is more than one record 4D will display the records in the
output form, you double-click, etc. If there is only one record 4D
directly displays the input form. So far, so normal.

Now - if 4D starts from the output form (that is, there is more than
record in the selection) - then there is no current record in the "On
Unload" phase ("Record Number([Test]) returns -1). However, if there is
only one record in the selection and 4D directly displays that one
record, then in the "On Unload" phase the record stays loaded until "On
Unload" finishes executing.

I see this in 2004 all the way through 13.5, so it's clearly not a
recent bug unless I'm really missing something.

Is this behaviour documented anywhere? Do other people see this?

- bill

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