Best way to answer the questions: Are these fields related?

David Adams (5/20/14 9:51AM)

David Adams (5/20/14 9:51 AM)



I assume others have been down this road more-or-less recently so I
that I'd ask.

I would like to be able to pass in two field pointers and find out if
have a relation line drawn and, if so, in what direction.

GET FIELD RELATION assumes that you already know there is a relation
know which side is the many. (You could presumably put an error
handler in
place to detect when the relation doesn't exist?)

The layout of the fields in the system tables is a bit confusing to me
this point. It looks as though I'll need to join _USER_CONS_COLUMNS and
_USER_CONSTRAINTS to find out? I've noticed weird behavior in selects
the system tables in the last few dot releases of V13 (others have
commented here on the same) so....

Given the relation lines are static at runtime, I'm considering loading
everything up into arrays at startup.

Any suggestions on the smartest approach to all of this in V13+?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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