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bob.miller at parker.com (5/7/14 4:47PM)

bob.miller at parker.com (5/7/14 4:47 PM)


Hi Randy,

I'm going off your post on the NUG; it seems you've played a bit with
Miyako's XLS plugin, and I'm just starting out to do the same. ?My
is that I can't figure out what to do with all the files that are in
Github download; do I need all of them, and where do I put them?

?=A0?=A0?=A0?4D Plugin API

files: ?4DPlugin.cpp
?=A0?=A0?=A0?4D Plugin_Prefix.pch

How did you install it, and was there a demo database you found
to get started?

Many thanks!

Bob Miller
Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation

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