BitDefender and v13

Joshua Fletcher (5/2/14 9:16PM)

Joshua Fletcher (5/2/14 9:16 PM)

Personal experience: I ran BitDefender at home for a year and never
noticed any slowdown with 4D. =A0I didn't renew it because they
insist on
showing pop-up ads for paying customers, even after asking them to
it and being assured it was disabled.

Are you sure this is the only thing that changed?


Josh Fletcher
Technical Account Manager
4D, Inc.

On 4/30/14, 1:09 PM, "Justin Will" <jwill@... wrote:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II have a set of users who just
changed network management companies. =A0This
company changed their AntiVirus from Sophos to BitDefender. =A0Ever
happened everyone is complaining of slowness with 4D.

Has anyone else used BitDefender or have any info that might be



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