4D can't graciously handle disconnection

Chris Curnow (5/6/14 5:00PM)
Cannon Smith (5/7/14 6:56AM)

Chris Curnow (5/6/14 5:00 PM)


I've seen this since we first started using v13 but I don't think we
used v11 or v12 with server so the problem was probably there too.

The problem occurs when there is a network interruption between client
server. At some point after this, the client will present a dialog
"The actual connection to the database has been disrupted."

It used to say "A serious error has occurred" so the new wording is an

The problem is that none of the buttons in this dialog work. Clicking
does nothing and I either have to Force Quit or End Task (depending on

Am I the only one seeing this? I have searched the NUG but haven't

Chris Curnow
Melbourne, Australia

Cannon Smith (5/7/14 6:56 AM)

Hi Paul,

I&iacute;ve been in the process of doing something similar and trying to
figure out the list of error numbers that will tell me that it is no
use trying to keep a connection up. It sounds like you have also been
building such a list? Just wondering if you would mind sharing what
you have so far?

Thanks much.

Cannon Smith
Synergy Farm Solutions Inc.
Hill Spring, AB Canada

On May 7, 2014, at 12:45 AM, Paul Lovejoy <paul.e.lovejoy@...

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>TThis will usually generate -10503
errors or sometimes just -1 (which is apparently a generic
network/database connection failure in this case). Our error handler
looks at the stack of errors and logs all these happenings in an error
log table in the database, where we can look and try to understand
precisely what's happening, in which processes, methods and line

Our error handler logs the error message, displays a nice alert for
the user, then quits gracefully when one of these errors is
encountered, since I don't want clients having part of their user
interface working and other parts having lost their connection.

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