4D SQL over SSL: Need separate port numbers.

Tony Ringsmuth (4/9/14 1:09PM)

Tony Ringsmuth (4/9/14 1:09 PM)

My comment is about 4D's lack of separate port numbers for serving SSL
NON-ssl, especially for SQL calls.

It's my understanding that all SSL certificates authenticate to a
domain name, such as MyDomain.com, or MyDb.MyDomain.com. ?And if you
a connection to an ssl socket via the numeric address, you may have

So, in the case where you have clients that connect to your database
from an
internal network, and 4D SQL is set to use SSL, how are they doing a
SSL handshake?

I really wish 4D had two ports for SQL, one SSL, the other non-ssl.

(Also the same for the 4D data port)

FYI, I've made a feature request for this ?(from 2011):

Tony Ringsmuth
Business Brothers Inc.

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