Object visibility and need for redraw

Arnaud de Montard (4/4/14 9:28AM)

Arnaud de Montard (4/4/14 9:28 AM)

Le 3 avr. 2014 ý 16:33, Kirk Brooks a Ècrit :

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II also tried using On resize to
redraw when the form is resized. This seems
problematic in terms of clogging up the processor if there are too many
(and what's 'too many'?) objects so I stopped using that.
I use On resize sometimes (not only the last listbox column, for
example), but never as it is: too much time consuming (and
untraceable, crash guarantee). Timer again:

:(on resize)
?set timer (2)
:(on timer)
?set timer (0)
?get previous size from a form variable (right,bottom)
?do stuff
?set previous size in form variable (right,bottom)
end case

Arnaud de Montard

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