Limitations on sending emails from 4D

Keith Goebel (5/2/14 3:17PM)

Keith Goebel (5/2/14 3:17 PM)

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Hi all.
Timothy Penner kindly supplied a link to Verizon re their outgoing
email limits, which I checked out - Ouch!
Although I don't deal with Verizon, I thought it might be a good idea
to find out what database developers are supposed to do to get their
product "OK'd" for bulk mail outs to their (in my case) active members.

I went to the Verizon website and tried to find an email address I
could ask about email limits, and was unable to find any contact info
other than a postal address.

Has anyone been through this scenario with IPs?
Where you able to get their limits removed on your outgoing emails?
If so, what did you have to do?
Cheers, KG

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