4D's 30th anniversary ? Dig up your memories!

Jean-Michel Biraghi (6/6/14 11:19AM)

Jean-Michel Biraghi (6/6/14 11:19 AM)

Hello everyone,

Today, June 6, is the anniversary of D-Day...And 4D-Day will be here

4D has asked me* to come up with a memorable 30th birthday for 4D at
the upcoming 4D Summit. What better to do that than to call upon the
memory of the entire 4D community? With the help of Omid Tavallai,
whose video work you've come to know from previous Summits, we hope to
show you a historic, humorous, multi-faceted, Fellini-esque, Dantean
EPIC of an opening (but probably shorter than the one from Boston) at
the next Summit.

To do this, we're counting on you to share your memories, your good
will and the depths of your drawers (or attics)!

4D has been around for 30 years, and some of you have been clients
from the very first moment (our big bang, some time in 1984), or some
for 29 years, 28, 27...You know where you stand. So it's with utmost
certainty that you've shared part of your life with 4D, or make your
living thanks to 4D, or because of 4D ñ and thus have some magical
moments, incredible experiences, victories, emotions, intense memories
and big laughs. We want you to show and tell it all!

I am hereby accepting (but not limiting submissions to):

- photos of you, of us, of the 4D community, of your customers, of
where you're installed
- film, no matter what quality (as long as it's digitized)
- written anecdotes
- documents, press clippings, ads
- filmed testimony (let me know if you're up for a brief recorded
interview via Skype)
- etc.

Tell us, tell yourselves, tell your story of 4D, whether you have only
1 or all 30 years of experience!

To do so, please send me your articles as a ZIP archive, with
information allowing us to contact you, via the Dropbox below
(write-only in blind mode):

Login = droppub
Pass = tct8d-dhj

I recommend that you include your name in the title of the archive, to
prevent any accident (file erased by another user)

Or you can write me right away at jean-michel.biraghi@... or catch
me on skype: jmbiraghi

I can't wait to see what your memories hold as we work on this project
this summer.

One last detail: When coming down from the attic, save whatever you
find just for us, so that everyone can be surprised by your treasures.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and see you at 4D Summit in the
US or Europe at any rate.

Jean-Michel Biraghi

*Some of you may know me as a former employee of 4D (in France and in
Spain), with the company until the end of 2013. I ìreturned to the
source" at the beginning of 2014, to my previous profession as a 4D
developer, but it is with great pleasure that I'm currently handling
different projects entrusted in me by 4D, like coordinating the 4D
Summits, as I have several times in the past.

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