[ANN] 4D Summit 2014 Post-Class

Brian Young (4/25/14 7:19PM)

Brian Young (4/25/14 7:19 PM)

Join 4D?=A2?=82®=E2ÑĘs founder and CTO Laurent Ribardi?=83¨=A8
re for a full day of
in-depth learning about 4D Mobile. As the link between 4D and Wakanda,
4D Mobile is the key for bringing your existing 4D solutions to the
all-important platforms of the future: the Web, smartphones, and

Learn how to extend your existing 4D applications to Mobile and Web,
and the best practices for leveraging your existing 4D code.

More details will be posted soon to the 4D Summit 2014 site:

Register Now - 4D Summit 2014:

Laurent Ribardi?=83¨=A8re
President, Founder & CTO of 4D Group

It was in 1983, when he was still a student of applied math, that
Laurent understood the importance of the advent of personal computing.
It was then that he wrote his first file management software, ABC
Base. A year later, in order to publish his software, he created the
company ACI, known as 4D since March of 2000, where he remains the
majority shareholder. In 2012, after over three years of research &
development, Laurent piloted the launch of Wakanda, the world's first
development platform based on a full JavaScript stack.

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