Manila (4/28/14 3:44AM)

Manila (4/28/14 3:44 AM)

Hello all.

In response to my request for feedback, I received suggestions for a
that was not even on my list: an Updater for automatically installing
updates to 4DAPPBUILDER PRO. The more I think about this, the more
sense it
makes. So the next module will be an Updater (4DUPDATEBUILDER PRO) that
automatically brings in new methods and table/field definitions. This
Updater will have an interface much like the 4DLISTBUILDER interface,
so you
will be able to create your own updates to roll out to your installed

The table/field definition updates will have to be done via SQL, and
knows nothing about table and field numbers - only table and field
names. So
the next major update will allow you to name a table or a field any
name you
like. You can use the "[TXXX]FXXX_" syntax if you like, but you will
also be
able to use any valid 4D table or field name.

Timing? That's a fair question. This is a major module, so it could
take as
much as a month. In the meantime, I will release interim bug fixes if
show-stopper bugs are reported.


Walt Nelson (Manila)

"Hit the ground running!"

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