Relations on composite keys or multiple fields

Arnaud de Montard (4/4/14 9:40AM)

Arnaud de Montard (4/4/14 9:40 AM)

Le 4 avr. 2014 ý 01:01, Alan Tilson a Ècrit :

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>HHello everyone,
I did find a way to do this with Query by SQL, fyi.
I build the SQL statement while stepping through the selection and
actual field values from there.
Each record in the selection is separated by an OR in the SQL
Seems to work fine but I have no idea if it would work with a large
selection. I've only done it with a few.
I needed a solution to search by array with sql, Stanislas gave me
this one:
It seems similar to what you describe.

Arnaud de Montard

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