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Manila (4/26/14 11:22AM)

Manila (4/26/14 11:22 AM)

Marius Veenker said:
color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II'm still missing something which
is probably quite obvious: How does
the update process work when you release a new 4DAPPBUILDER =A0version
which I have replace with my application (which is a mix of
4DAPPBUILDER tables/method/forms and my application-specific

Now that I have done some testing, I can give you a more complete
answer to
your question.

In the next update, there will be a new Code Module with some new
This module will be called the UPDATE module. Once you have installed
module in your structure, all future updates to your existing tables,
fields, and methods will be automatic. Here's how it will work:

* When I release an update, it will come with a 4D Hierarchical List.
will copy this new Hierarchical List into your structure. The list
will be
named "ABP_UPDATE_" with a sequential number. For example:
This list will contain the description of the steps, in order, that are
required for the update. But you won't have to perform the steps;
4DAPPBUILDER PRO will read the steps in the hierarchical list and
them automatically - including changes to tables and fields.

Note: Since the Developer Hooks make it unnecessary for you to modify
methods that end with the suffix "_ABP", I know that I can update those
methods as many times as necessary without affecting any of your code.

* Also included in the update will be a folder that contains text
Those text files will be the Methods that need to be added or
modified. You
copy that folder into the RESOURCES folder that is next to your
so 4DAPPBUILDER PRO will know where to find it.

* You call the method UPDATE_EXECUTE_ABP and pass the name of the
List that you copied into the structure (for example,
UPDATE_EXECUTE_ABP("ABP_UPDATE_0001"). From there, everything will be

* The only copy-and-paste involved will be:
=A0=A0* The original choice list
=A0=A0* The changes to forms (as of 14.1, there are no 4D commands
creating/modifying forms, so that part still has to be copy-and-paste).

So that's how we will keep our structures in synch. If you have
questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Walt Nelson (Manila)

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