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agendo (6/10/14 7:42AM)

agendo (6/10/14 7:42 AM)

At first try:
"cmd /?"

Then you will know that this command line is the solution:
cmd /c rd /s /q <path>



color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>II have tried putting cmd in front
of the call, but it makes no difference, I've tried
"RD /S /Q " + path
"RD /S /Q " + char(34)+path+char(34)
"Cmd RD /S /Q " + path
"cmd RD /S /Q " + char(34)+path+char(34)
Char(34)+ Cmd RD /S /Q + path+char(34)
Etc etc

Nothing seems to work, has anyone made this work, I would be grateful
to know how

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