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Peter Jakobsson (5/1/14 11:19AM)

Peter Jakobsson (5/1/14 11:19 AM)

On 20 Oct 2011, at 23:49, Jaime Herreros wrote (Search Picker Widget):

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>DDoes someone out there know how to
detect when the cross, cancel, don't know how to call it, button has
been pressed on a searchpicker?

On 21 Oct 2011, at 00:18, Tom Dillon wrote:

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>TThe system variable OK is set to 0
(zero) when cancelled and to 1 after the Query button is hit.

But what form event do we use to trap this ? When I trace the widget
script after clicking the magnifying glass, Form Event contains 20000.
Is this some kind of custom event ?


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