Detecting mobile web client devices on server side

agendo (4/28/14 10:08AM)

agendo (4/28/14 10:08 AM)

We got the prerequisite to detect mobile clients using our web app.
You can do this on the client side or on the server side. For various
reasons we need it on the server side so we have to implement such a
detection in 4D.
As the most know you can do this via analyzing ?of the User-Agent
header line of the http request. There exists open source code doing
this well: mobileesp

Although the code exists in various implementations, 4D code is not
amongst these ?implementations obviously.
So I made a little component for 4D V13 containing a port of the
mobileesp code in a first version. If anyone is interested in, look

Lutz Epperlein

-- ?
Lutz Epperlein ?
Agendo Gesellschaft fr politische Planung mbH
K^penicker Str. 9
10997 Berlin

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