[MEETING] Montreal 4D Club Meeting

Thierry Daigneault (5/19/14 11:35AM)

Thierry Daigneault (5/19/14 11:35 AM)

The next meeting of the Montreal 4D Club will be held Wednesday May
21st at 7 PM.

The schedule for the next meeting is as follows:
- Thierry Daigneault will be doing a quick demo of his BDD (Behaviour
Based Development)
?software to test IBM Enterprise Service Bus / Websphere Message
Broker flows.
End of the meeting

We usually end up at some sort of restaurant after each meeting. Come
and join us!

7240 Waverly (near Jean-Talon)

Anyone can attend. Please note that the meetings are usually held in

If you need more information, you can check out our web page at:

You can also write to our communications officer:
Thierry Daigneault: tdaigneault@...

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