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Jack Des Bouillons (5/14/14 2:14PM)

Jack Des Bouillons (5/14/14 2:14 PM)

When Jack Nicklaus came on the pro golf tour, Hall of Fame golfer Bobby
Jones commented: ?"Mr. Nicklaus plays a game with which I am not

Well, Mr. Kain deals with 4D systems with which I am not familiar! ?Nor
would I suspect many 4D developers are familiar...

A "$40,000 PCI-E SSD array"...??

I can just see my boss' reaction..."Hey, I've got an idea of how to
speed up
our system!"

But I do have a question, Jeff: ?when it became evident that your
were going to grow into these sizes, did you change anything in your
approach to 4D design? ?I know that's a broad question, but have you
anything common in many 4D system designs that you know would present
problems if a system grew to the size you are dealing with?

Jack des Bouillons

On 5/14/14 1:04 PM, "Tim Nevels" <timnevels@... wrote:

Did I read this right -- 160GB of data cache set for 4D Server? Not
16GB but
160GB? That is incredible. I've never heard of 64bit 4D Server running
production with a 160GB data cache. Wow!

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