Can't save a new record

Bob McKeever (4/12/14 9:40PM)
Richard Wright (4/15/14 12:20PM)

Bob McKeever (4/12/14 9:40 PM)

4D V13.x (13.1, 13.4) Mac OS 10.6.8. Been running for years, 4D V11
and upgraded to V13.

I am getting a failure on saving a new record in a table. There are
three lines in the error detail:

# 1248 - Cannot save new record in the table PatientEncounterDetails
of database PMv13
# 1247 - Cannot update new record in table PatientEncounterDetails of
database PMv13
# 1116 - Mandatory field is null in record 3141 in table

I did not think that I had a Mandatory field in that table, so I wrote
a procedure to create a map of all tables, and each field in the
table, and whether or not the Mandatory flag was set. As I suspected,
no, there are no mandatory fields in that table. Very few in the
database, actually.

Although I will be adding a trigger or two in a few days, there are
currently no triggers in the database.

MSC says that the structure is fine, and that the data file is fine.

What do I do now?
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Richard Wright (4/15/14 12:20 PM)

I ran into this same problem today (must be the blood moon).The issue
was that "Reject NULL value input" was turned ON. If I understand the
Design Reference correctly, "Map NULL values to blank values" does not
prevent NULLS from being stored, it only treats NULLS as default
values when using the 4D Language.

Richard Wright

color><param>00000,0000,DDEE/param>DDate: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 13:28:02
From: Randy Jaynes <randy@...

I had something like this not too long ago caused by discovering the
field property "Map NULL values to blank values" checkbox was turned
off on a field in the table that was not marked as unique. ?You can
imagine it took us some time to track down why we were getting the
"duplicate record" dialog when the field was not unique.


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On Apr 13, 2014, at 8:30 PM, Bob McKeever <bobmckeever@... wrote:

/color><color><param>8826F,0000,8219/param>AAnd more stuff.

I wrote a complete export and import into a new datafile. No errors.
4,870 records in the table in question.

When I go to add a record in code (Create record, set a bunch of
fields, save record), I get the same error, but this time the record
number shown is one beyond the end of the records in the table, where
it would be added.

OK, since it is just a test file, I deleted some old records, and I
got the error again - with the record number for the first deleted one.

Richard Wright

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