About Us

Intellex was founded in 1984 by several programmers who felt that business customers deserved higher quality software and better service than was currently being provided. Since then, Intellex has provided our clients with superior software and services, earning an unparalleled reputation in the industry.


To the Intellex customer, we offer the availability of specialized skills, experience and background to meet all requirements. We are organized to meet the major project demands of a large company or the short term requirements of smaller businesses. We can work as an extension of your staff or we are fully prepared to undertake complete project responsibility.

  • Application experience in a wide variety of industries (particularly strong in financial accounting, order entry and communications applications).
  • Specialty experience in education, medical, and real estate fields.
  • Database development using the 4th Dimension database program.
  • Hardware: Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs.
  • Internet development services are available, as well as hosting of client sites.

Why Intellex?

Education - Many software developers have no formal training in programming. At Intellex, our staff has software education. Our lead programmer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in Accounting. Our education background gives us knowledge of the best techniques and practices to use when developing custom software.

Experience - Intellex has been in business since 1984! We started with systems like the IBM Midrange series. When personal computers came out, we began working on those. We started using the Macintosh the year it came out. We have experience on a wide variety of hardware platforms using multiple programming languages and database systems.

We also have experience in a wide variety of fields. We have done custom systems for order entry, real estate management, demographic data processing, facility scheduling, medical office management, hotel reservation scheduling, private investigation services, school office management, security badge production, scientific research, custom library development, graphic design, trucking, advertising, and many other industries. This experience gives us a wide base of knowledge for building new systems.

Service - We put the customers' needs first. Our software is designed to the highest standards and is thoroughly tested before installation. We provide 24 hour support to our clients. We work on weekends and off hours when necessary to meet our clients' schedules.

Since Intellex was founded in 1984, we have serviced clients ranging from one-man shops to Fortune 500 companies. Intellex has the education, the experience, and the service that you need to provide quality software services. Let us put all three to work for you.

Why Custom Software?

Many people don't understand why they should use custom software instead of just buying a package. At Intellex, we have found that no two businesses work the same way, even for similar functions. For example, two companies, both doing order entry, will have very different methods for doing business. The physical layout of their plant, scheduling of employees, types of products being sold, time of the year, weather conditions, and the economy can all affect how each company takes its orders, processes them, and fulfills them.

A package can not provide the flexibility to handle these differences. For you, the user, this means that you have to work the way the package allows, not the way your business works. This is not how it should be. You should be able to run your business the way you want and have the software support your activities.

Many people wonder if this will be too expensive. Why should they pay to reinvent the wheel? We don't reinvent the wheel. We build on a common database framework for the common functions. Working with files, searching, sorting, printing reports - all these functions are built in. For common business activities, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll, we have modules we can plug in. The great advantage we have, however, is that even in these areas, if you need customization, we can do it. We use a custom framework in areas you don?t need custom software for and we write custom code for those areas you do. This keeps costs low and effectiveness high.

We would be happy to discuss your database needs with you and explain how custom software could help you run your business more efficiently and productively.

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