4D Database Development

4th Dimension Database Programming Services

In 1987, ACI US introduced the 4th Dimension database program, which has been widely acclaimed as the best database available for the Macintosh. Intellex was at the forefront, becoming one of the first companies in the nation to become Registered Developers. As officially Registered Developers, we are able to keep abreast of the latest techniques and developments from 4D through their developer support program. Intellex has used 4th Dimension to provide superior quality databases for numerous clients. Not only that, but we have developed unique plug-ins for 4th Dimension which provide functions not available from any other developer.

Over the years, as new versions of 4th Dimension have been released, Intellex has been in the forefront, testing the new releases and getting our clients upgraded and using the new features as soon as possible. Through the years, we have added support for 4D Server, 4D Write, 4D Draw, 4D Calc, 4D Remote, and numerous plug-ins which add capabilities to our clients' databases.

Intellex is the best choice in the Chicago area and nationwide as a 4th Dimension developer due to our experience, innovation, and dedication to our clients.